Beat the 1st April EPC deadline to avoid addional costs

9th March 2012

Beat the 1st April Deadline.


The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has confirmed that from 1 April homes must have an energy performance certificate (EPC) at level D or above to qualify for higher feed-in tariff rates which are available in the UK for accredited PV installations.

It is estimated by DECC that around half of properties in the UK are level D or above. However there are a great deal of properties which are often older and with limitations on their ability to reach the Level D  requirement and therefore this change could hamper the feasibilty of solar PV on these types of homes. Properties unable  to reach level D will receive the much lower tariff of 9p per kWh which will make it not non viable for these house unless installations are made before this 1st April deadline

We still have some install capacity throughout March. So however energy efficient your home is, you still have the chance to avoid the need to produce EPC or loss the right to install PV becasue of the limitations on your property achieving an EPC pass of D or above.

Please contact our surveyors who can assist you with any questions on the EPC ( Energy Efficiency Certicate) and how this may impact you.

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